Emacs For Mac OS X . com is happy to accept donations

In November 2011 I used Funded By Me to raise money for a new Mac Mini build server. It was a really smooth process and I was happy to receive so many generous donations.

If you wish to send a donation now that the campaign is over I'll still honor the perks of the original campaign: $15 gets you listed on the donors page and $30 gets you listed in the "Heroes" readme that goes out on all newly created disk images (and also you get listed on the donors page). Your name will remain in those places for at least 1 year (and possibly much longer).

Bitcoin address: 14w1ZqL5NEXBNZPcX4MiXRccy7ndA2iaRE.
If you want to show up on the web site or be listed in the "Heroes" readme then please also send me an email so I know who to credit.

I can accept Gittip now.
Click here.

Thanks for your support,

David Caldwell